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I have a dashboard displaying sales per month and a filter where users can select a particular month. However,  on load, I want to display latest month data and if the user wants for another month he should just clear selection and select from the filter pane.

I have tried Qlik-Sense-Filter-Extension but it is not working.

Please advise how to set the "Default selected value" as per below:

my dimension is monthname(trandate) and default selected value is "max(monthname(trandate))" but it is not working.



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Hi ,

Thank you for your response!

I have tried bi-era.com_listbox,Horizontal Listbox, Styled List as well but maybe I'm not setting the default selected value correctly.

As told earlier my dimension is monthname(trandate) where I have values like Jan 2017, Feb 2017....May 2017 etc.

On load, I want to display latest always and the user can clear filter to do a proper selection.

Thanking you in advance.