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Contributor III
Contributor III

Delete row when expression = 0 or null

Hello, i have an issue

i have a straight table with dimensions and expressions. 
I want to have in my straight table only datas where, the expression is greater than 0. if = 0 or null, i don't want it to appear. 


here is the example of the first expression : 

sum({<Calendar.RunAsofDate={"$(LastEOMDate)"}, Calendar.ForwardNbDays={0}>}RUN.GEQ.TRADE.WEIGHTEDBYRICOSandNETTINGSET.RWA.RWA)

i tested the following but it didn't work : 


sum({<Calendar.RunAsofDate={"$(LastEOMDate)"}, Calendar.ForwardNbDays={0}>}RUN.GEQ.TRADE.WEIGHTEDBYRICOSandNETTINGSET.RWA.RWA)   <>  0, 

sum({<Calendar.RunAsofDate={"$(LastEOMDate)"}, Calendar.ForwardNbDays={0}>}RUN.GEQ.TRADE.WEIGHTEDBYRICOSandNETTINGSET.RWA.RWA) 


here is a sample of the table



Need your help please


@Taoufiq_Zarra  @rohitk1609 @sunny_talwar 

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@ced_foning I can't really tell from the screenshot you have posted, but is any of these expressions?


If they are, then you have to make sure to convert these to 0 or null because the chart will continue to show the row as long as even a single expression has a non 0/null value.

Contributor III
Contributor III

hello @sunny_talwar 

In the screenshot, as from RWA Spot CCR last EOMonth... to delta RWA, all are expressions. 

CP Ricos to Area are dimensions. 

@ced_foning Then use an if statement to make sure that they are 0s

Contributor III
Contributor III

@sunny_talwar it is already done. if ( expression = 0,0, expression). 

That is what i did. Now i don't want to show the CP Ricos corresponding to these values 


I am not sure I follow

Contributor III
Contributor III

@sunny_talwar Capture.PNG


as shown above, how can i do to not show all the CP RIcos with expression RWA Spot CCR = 0. 


@ced_foning Do you only have RWA Spot CCR expression? If you have more expressions are they 0 or null for this row? If they are, then make sure you have checked 'Suppress Zero Values' checked on the presentation tab of the chart properties

Contributor III
Contributor III


i have more than one expression. In those expressions, there are various values.

I've attached a sample of data

@ced_foning I would say do something like this.... change rating last month and rating new month expressions like this


If(RWA last month expression <> 0, rating last month expression)
If(RWA last month expression <> 0, rating new month expression)