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Deploy Dashboard on Server

What are the steps to deploy qliksense dashboard on the server? If I need to view devhub link and share it after deploying qliksense dashboard to server what should I do in that case? Currently, my link for devhub looks like this http://localhost:4848/extensions/Demo/Demo.html

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Master II
Master II

Hi Nithin,

Steps to be followed:

1) Copy all the files required(qvd's) to a storage disk where you would like to save all the files.

2) Import the QVF(the app) through QMC->Apps tab>import(Button in the bottom of the screen).

3) Once imported, QMC imports even the data connections. Create new DSN for ODBC if required

4) Go to connections in QMC and modify the paths of all the imported connections.

5) Go to the hub and reload the app now, you should not face any issues.



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Do I need to deploy all the extensions file to the server?

Master II
Master II

Yes absolutely, If you have extension files, then Zip them up and then import the zipped file through :

QMC->Extesnions tab