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Deploying Mashups in Streams

Hello All,

I have created mashups in Qliksense. Now want to publish them into a stream. Is it possible to deploy these mashups in Streams?

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Re: Deploying Mashups in Streams

Hi Nikhil,

You can't do that, because it creates a link which needs to integrate in customer portal.

Thanks & Regards,

Arvind Patil

Re: Deploying Mashups in Streams

Unfortunately no can do out of the box.

But I have written a bespoke extension that auto opens the url when a qvf sheet is opened, I was paid to write it so do not hold the IPR so unfortunately cannot share it.  But if you look on Qlik Branch there are some open source extensions there that call url's that you may be able to modify as per your needs.

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Re: Deploying Mashups in Streams

Cool. Nice idea. It was to solve which problem?

Re: Deploying Mashups in Streams

So one can :

  • Open the Hub
  • Open the Stream
  • Open the qvf App
  • Open the Sheet
    • Thus calling the extension that auto calls & opens the url

Bit of a pain that one has to open the qvf and then open the Sheet, but c'est la vie.

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