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Developing on Sense Desktop vs. Enterprise

It seems like most Qlik Sense Enterprise developers use the server for development.  Has anyone chosen not to develop on the server and instead develop on the desktop and import through the QMC when an app is ready for production?  This would keep resources off the server.  Any other benefits or costs of not developing on the server.

What's best practice?



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Re: Developing on Sense Desktop vs. Enterprise

Looking for the same pros and cons, best practices.  Especially in a multi-developer environment.


Re: Developing on Sense Desktop vs. Enterprise

I use Dev, Test and Prod Enterprise server environments and always develop on the Dev Enterprise server unless there is valid reason to do otherwise.  The servers are on the main backend server LAN, so have high speed networking to the data source servers, which my local laptop does not.

But, and there always is a but, if I wish to do anything experimental or risky then I will usually do this first on my laptop.  If in doing so I destroy things on my laptop then, whilst inconvenient, I am the only person to suffer.  But if I a destroy things on a server, even a Dev server, then other people will suffer as well and this will make me unpopular.

Experimental & risky bits include things like:

  • New Qlik releases, especially beta's
  • Installing and experimenting with R integration