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Difference between Current Week vs past week

Hi All,

I need a bar chart which will show me the COUNT difference between past and current week

I have an expression that gives me the count of the last week .( for example i have data from Week 1 till 25).

This expression helps me to give the data for the max week in the data ( i,e. Week 25)

Count({$<[Data Creation Date]={"$(= max({1}[Data Creation Date]))"}>}[Event ID])

But i need help in getting the count for the past week ( i,e Week 24)

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Re: Difference between Current Week vs past week


Have you tired WeeksAgo (see comment by Alex)

Relative Calendar Fields

As I'm very new to Qlikview, this is a great help. One question though, how would I create a WeeksAgo calendar field? My best guess was

52*(Week(Today())-Week(TempDate)) + Week(Today()) - Week(TempDate) as WeeksAgo

but this doesn't seem to work

   Henric Cronström Legend  

  hic Jan 13, 2014 10:00 AM (in response to Alex Hamilton McLeod)

The Week() function "restarts" at 1 every year, so you cannot use this if the two dates span two years. No, I would probably do

     (WeekStart(Today()) - WeekStart(Date))/7

instead. To understand what this does you need to understand how QlikView handles dates. Read about this here. But to make a long story short: The WeekStart() function returns an integer corresponding to the day. So by taking the diff and dividing by 7, you get the number of weeks ago.

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