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Difference between Full & Custom Installation in qliksense?

Hi all Good Morning,

1)  What is the difference between full and custom installation ?

2) What is Repository Role in Server ?

3) What is Host Name in Server ? How can i use it?

Thanks & Regards,


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Full installation to install complete qlikview installation.

Custom installation you modify if you required path, ignore few stuff some examples, server options, addins

Master III
Master III

Ravi chandran wrote:


This is a Qlik Sense question.

May you live in interesting times!
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Master III

Good morning.

1) In a custom install you can decide what part you install. For Sense in a 1 server environment you simply take the Full install. In a multi node environment, you will do a Custom install for all your servers past the 1st so to decide what kind of RIM node you are running.

2) Without the repository your server is useless. This thing keeps track of most of the settings, all security rules, etc. You will need a repository on every server in your environment. Sync. rules will be setup to keep them nicely in sync.

3) Been too long since I did an install; I fear I can't help you with that one.

May you live in interesting times!