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New to Qlik Sense

If you’re new to Qlik Sense, start with this Discussion Board and get up-to-speed quickly.

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Difference in qlik view and qlik sense .

Hi ,

I am a Tableau developer and recently I got to know I have to work on qlik sense .I am now to Qlik world .Neither I have  qlik sense or qlik view experience .Please help me on this to start with .

Another Question is where I can start learning in Qlik Sense .I try to find in udemy .com but could not able to find it .



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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

You can get started with the videos available. you can download the free version of Qlik Sense desktop. You will need to create only a Qlik account.

New to Qlik Sense Videos

Also Qlik | Help is a good place to get started.


Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Sushanta

I suggest you focus on Sense and initially forget about View

I've done a report comparing Sense to Power BI and Tableau. It might help

Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight

This report might also help

QlikView and Qlik Sense

But to learn Sense start with the free videos. Use Data Manager (not Data Load editor) with a simple data load and the script is done automatically. So no worries about learning script until later if needed.

Creator II
Creator II

There are also some great tutorials that will teach you the basics:

Tutorials ‒ Qlik Sense

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Thanks for wonderful response .Could you please help me to find a you tube link (with series of video) which will help me to understand qlik sense form beginning .