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Different data when filter is on


Currently using this expression to count answered calls less than 30 sec per ID conversation and it's working nicely.

Count( Distinct {<[Aggr tAnswered] ={"=sum([Aggr tAnswered])/1000<=30"},[Aggr nAnswered] ={1}>} [ID: Conversation])

However, when I filter it by date, the numbers reflected on the totals is incorrect.

e.g. BEFORE FILTER: Oct 19 calls = 8 below 30 sec, 2 above threshold

Before filter.JPG


AFTER FILTER: showing just Oct 19 data, calls = 10 below 30 sec.

After Filter (date).JPG

Would appreciate your insights to this. Thanks!

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Re: Different data when filter is on

what's your expected result after date selection ?

Re: Different data when filter is on

May be try this

Count(DISTINCT {<[Aggr tAnswered] = {"=Sum({<Date>}[Aggr tAnswered])/1000<=30"},[Aggr nAnswered] ={1}>} [ID: Conversation])

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