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Dimension Lable issue.

Hi All,

i am using calcuated dimension in chart and named Label, when user selects that dimension value in chart, on th top of selections, we are seeing as Formual of the dimension.

Please let me know if any one have solution.



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Re: Dimension Lable issue.

The top bar shows your selection in the data model not the chart you clicked the selection on so will not show your named label.

If you think about it it could be quite misleading as you could name it anything. 



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Re: Dimension Lable issue.

Hi Sunil,

I've tried with variables and master items and nothing, so I usually try to create those in the load script so they exist in the data model as Andy mentioned.

I wish there was a way to help users associate the calculated dimension formula to a label... even if the formula still shows. It's no issue for simple apps but it gets cumbersome for more extensive and complex apps...