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Creator III
Creator III

Dimension that ignores filter by be able to be filtered on

Hello, could you please help me with this problem? 

I'm trying to create a dimension in the table that ignores filter on the page(for example year) by user should be able to  filter it's data(to do search in the column).

I have a list of clients and columns with four last years(2022, 2021, 2020, 2019). Depending on the year that user choses in the year filter , Years change dynamically and show chosen year and previous three years.  

In different years we have different clients. 

I need to create a dimension with clients that ignores years. So, e.g. user choses 2022 year, but I should shows clients in 2022,2021,2020,2019. It works find with measure  Only({<Year = >} ClientName). But if it's measure, I cannot do search in it.  And I need to have this option.

What can I do?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!


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May be create an The As-Of Table like this

AsOfYear Year
2022 2022


2022 2020
2022 2019
2021 2021
2021 2020
2021 2019
2021 2018


and then have your users select AsOfYear 2022 column which will select 4 years.

Creator III
Creator III

Thank you, but they specifically told us how it should look like.

In reality I have some other columns(like department, division, etc). So I should have all my columns, clients column and then years. (And it has to be table, pivot table is not working because we have too much data)