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Dimention Label on Bar Chart

Good Afternoon,

I have a bar chart, and I have labels for the 2 included dimensions. (Category, Location)

How do I remove 1 of the labels so it will only show category, and not the label for the location


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Re: Dimention Label on Bar Chart

Hi Daniel,

Go to Chart Properties/Dimensions, choose Location and Try to untick "Label".


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Re: Dimention Label on Bar Chart

If I do that is removes them both, I only want to remove one of them.

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Re: Dimention Label on Bar Chart

Create a drill down master item dimension.  Add just this to your bar char.  The user will see only the Category bar then if the user clicks it will drill down to show the location.

Is that what you are looking for?

Another thing you might want to try is go to the Location label and enter a blank space for it.  That might have the effect you are looking for.



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