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Disable objects auto-resizing


Let's say that you have created Qlik app on your own computer, then you send it to your friend/coworker and it doesn't look good: objects are resized, some text is hidden, you can't see axis labels etc.

It occurs due to difference of screens resolutions/sizes. Qlik Sense auto-resize the objects, but does it really bad.

Is there any way to stop auto-resizing objects in Qlik Sense?

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Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

No - It is inherent with Qlik Sense's responsive design.


Re: Disable objects auto-resizing


But thanks for confirming

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Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

It's not terrible if you want people to run the apps on an iPad or phone.  Everything has to be responsive for that to work.

The best rule is to design your app using the most common resolution of your users.  You can control that in the browser.  Chrome as a plugin.  Others probably do also.

Then you are good 95% of the time.  If a user has an extreme resolution setup then they might see some things like you described.  You can't please everyone.


Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

Assuming that the most common resolution is 1366x768px I would like to make one bar chart 800x400, the second one as 500 x 400. The third line chart is 1000x350.

If someone has smaller screen resolution:

No auto-resizing:

You can just scroll the browser window to see all elements.

The objects don't crush, every single label or title is visible in that way I have designed it.


Qlik hides parts of charts.

Data labels are hidden.

Graph looks ugly - they are resized.

Axis titles and lables are hidden.

This dashboard doesn't make any sense: no data labels, no axis.. just some lines or bars without reference points.

Oh.. the assumption is incorrect - in QlikS you cannot even design something as A x B size.

Here is an example:

1. designed resolution


2. (a little bit) smaller resolution


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Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

It can be frustrating.  But it is what it is. 

I design my apps based on an iPad resolution(1024 x 768).  That seems to work most of the time for all of my users.

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Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

Responsive design is an important feature of Qlik Sense, this is what the vast majority of Sense customers want.  When you use design Sense application, you have to keep it in mind.  If your users have multiple screen resolutions, test in each.  Tell users that they can always view any object in "full screen".

If the static design is a high priority for your users, you probably need QlikView instead of or in addition to Qlik Sense.


Re: Disable objects auto-resizing

The problem is that the responsive design doesn't work properly in QlikSense. In fact I could say that it is not responsive.

If your users have multiple screen resolutions, test in each.

and then? Assuming it is tested and doesn't look correct in some resolutions...?

QlikS cannot deal with that.

What is more, you cannot test all resolutions for X users (as you don't know who will use your dashboards in the future)

For example, in Tableau you have three options that you can set: fixed size (static), auto, and range(you can set min and max size). This solution is very useful and I expected similar in QlikSense...