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Display greyed out values in a table

Hi Qlikers,

I'm trying to show in a table all the value of my dimension. In the filters this will represent the green, light grey and dark grey values. So I have 3 dimension in my table. City, Sport, Licence ID. In my table I will put dimension = Sport and count(Licence ID) so I know how many people I have registered for each sport. Then when I filter on a City my measure will adapt and that is fine. But also my dimension will adapt because for some cities in my data base I have no line for a specific sport. So I my table the sport isn't displayed, but I want to keep it visible for this time.

I saw sevaral subject about it using e() function but I didn't managed to make it work.

Thanks for your help

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I think there is something to do like what there is in these post

Opposite Associations | Qlik Community

But I cannot manage to make it work