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Contributor III
Contributor III

Display two dimensions from two different table into one Selector

I have to create a selector in the App, which should display two dimensions. These two dimensions are available in two different tables.


Metric  Value

Estimated/Final Pat Rev ,100


Final Net Pat Rev Value

Final Net Pat Rev, 1002


I tried with if condition, which displays but when we make the selection, it will select both the dimensions because they are both are present in the table

if(Metric='Estimated/Final Pat Rev',Metric,if([Final Net Pat Rev]='Final Net Pat Rev',[Final Net Pat Rev]))

Kindly, please help me to resolve the issue.


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Re: Display two dimensions from two different table into one Selector

If you can't put them in a common table then I would suggest a link table.

Metric as Dimension,
Null () as [Final Net Pat Rev]
From Table1;
Concatenate (Link) load
[Final Net Pat Rev] as Dimension,
[Final Net Pat Rev],
Null() as Metric
From Table2;

Make your selections eon the Dimension field.
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