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Creator II
Creator II

Distribute value in Pie Chart

Hi Community,

Not sure my query complex or not - let say I have to show below values in Pie chart

Dim: Category

Exp: SUM(Amount)/SUM(Total AMOUT)

My Scenario, Qlik Sense should not be show in Pie chart - but that value need to be split to Power BI (70%) and Qlikview (30%)

Qlik Sense 70% = 1925 and Qlik Sense 30% = 825

Category Amount 
Power BI500
Qlik Sense2750


Output Should be : 


Thanks in Advance!


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Specialist II
Specialist II

Front-end expression, Numerator:

Sum(Amount) + (Sum(Total {<Category={'Qlik Sense'}>} Amount) * Sum({<Category={'Power BI', 'Qlikview'}>} 1) * alt(pick(match(Category, 'Power BI', 'Qlikview'), .7, .3),0))


You could do this in the load script but your data model might be more complicated then just these 2 columns.  You could add an "AdjustedAmount": 1) have a mapping table with Category, QlikSenseFactor 2) Sum QlikSense Amount and join it to your data table (in this simple case, no associations needed, as you would want it to reflect all rows, but if you had other dimensions like date you can aggregate and join by that).  3) Add column Amount + (QlikSenseTotal * applymap('map_qliksensefactor', Category, 0)) as AdjustedAmount.  4) your chart would use AdjustedAmount.

Master III
Master III

@stevejoyce  beat me to the punch with essentially the same solution and the same recommendation to do it script-side if possible. One added note - you will need to multiply the entire expression by if(Category = 'Qlik Sense',0,1) to avoid Qlik Sense being counted twice (once in its own category and once being split into the other categories).