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Distribution plot with 1 dimension


I'm playing around with the distribution plot chart a bit.

Trying to get it right to show a distribution plot chart with the range of values for that 1 dimension.

It seems with the distribution plot, the 1st dimension is the calculation, 2nd the name and then the measure.

But if I wanted to have it similar to a bar chart, 1 dimension splits the names but then

the measure shows the min/max (as the same with the distribution plot & unlike the bar chart)

How would one do this?

Playing around with data like this just to understand the chart conceptually

(i.e. data can be changed/manipulated)


LOAD * Inline [

DimA, DimB, Amount

A, Archie, 50

A, Betty, 2000

A, Caz, 1500

A, Dugghead, 1800

A, Archie, 100

A, Archie, 200

A, Archie, 400

A, Betty, 100

A, Betty, 100

A, Archie, 100

A, Dugg, 400

A, Dugg, 800

A, Dugg, 200

A, Dugg, 300

A, Dugg, 200

A, Betty, 500

A, Betty, 600

A, Archie, 1100

A, Caz, 100

A, Archie, 100



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Distribution plot with 1 dimension

I think the amount of data rows is just too small...


Re: Distribution plot with 1 dimension


You should be able to do this with 4 lines of data

(however the distribution chart forces you to take 2 dimensions)

DimA, Amount

Archie,  50

Archie, 200

Betty, 100

Betty, 300

Should display

Archie         50 ----------  200

Betty                   100 -------------300

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Distribution plot with 1 dimension

..but it doesn't since it uses GetHyperCubeStackData method. Maybe it's just wrong implemented.