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Do we need separate web servers for extension and app deployment?

Hi All,

We have created one Qlik application. Our application contains some charts or graph. I have deployed our application through QMC (Qlik Management Console). Please find the below screenshot of QMC application, which I referred for the app deployment:


Our application was working fine, but now due to some business case changes, we have to customize the application interface through some cascading style sheet (CSS). So for this, I have created one mashup (kind of extension).

Now for this mashup deployment, our architect is saying that we need a different web server.

Can anyone advise me that how the deployment of app and mashup/extension works?

Do we need a separate license or web server to deploy mashup/extension?

How the licensing of app and mashup works?


Dilip Solanki

Dilip Solanki
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