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Document chaining Qliksense


is there any possibility for document chaining in Qliksense, i know that it was not possible in older versions but how about the recent one?


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Re: Document chaining Qliksense

There is an appOpen control in the latest version which allows the user to select other apps fro the hub to open.

Haven't used in server yet so perhaps it limits documents down to stream level to,  The issue is passing across section access parameters which i'm not sure it can at the moment.

Another thing to try is a new extension bringing navigation objects into your dashboard.

Sheet Navigation + Actions for Qlik Sense.

which might work for your need...

Hope this helps


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Re: Document chaining Qliksense

There is no direct document chaining functionality in the product currently.  However, it's possible to create the functionality via an extension visualization using the apis.

Here is an example: http://branch.qlik.com/projects/showthread.php?588-appOpenDropdown


Jeff G