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Does Qliksense have tableau like view and subscribe feature?


We have some dashboards in the tableau, which we are planning to move into Qlik Sense. While analyzing the possibilities of creating Tableau dashboard in Qlik Sese, I came to about views and subscribe feature, which I never used in Qlik Sense.

For those who do not know View+Subscribe in Tableau:

View means, apply some custom filters on your charts/reports and give some name to the selected filters. It is known as views.

e.g. I am interested in India sales only. So, what I will do, I will open our sales dashboard and will select some filters for India sales. And then will some name like 'India Sales Report'. Next time whenever I want to see this India sales report, instead of applying filters again, I will just open this View.

Subscribe means, If I want to get previously created views on my email on daily basis, twice/thrice/once, I can subscribe the view and tableau will send this view (India Sales) on my mail basis on the selected frequency.

Does Qlik Sense something like View+Subscribe or any way to fulfill the above requirements?


Can Qlik Sense send the report through the mail?


Dilip Solanki

Dilip Solanki
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Partner - Champion II
Partner - Champion II

Views can be replaced by BOOKMARKS in qlik sense

for the Subscribe : NPRINTING reports would be the best choice