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Dollar Range in load scipt-Bucket

I have not done this before but I was curious about using dollar ranges in the load script. Has anyone done anything like this?


  IF (plan_pd_amt>0 and plan_pd_amt <5000, '<5000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt>= 5000 and plan_pd_amt<= 10000, '5000-10000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt> 10000 and plan_pd_amt<= 15000, '10000-15000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt>=15000 and plan_pd_amt<= 20000, '15000-20000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt> 20000 and plan_pd_amt<= 25000, '20000-25000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt>25000 and plan_pd_amt<= 30000, '25000-30000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt>30000 and plan_pd_amt<= 35000, '30000-35000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt> 35000 and plan_pd_amt< =40000,'35000 - 45000',

  IF(plan_pd_amt> 50000,'50000+'))))))))  as  PaidRange

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Re: Dollar Range in load scipt-Bucket

After seeing that IF statement circus, I strongly suggest you look into either the intervalmatch() function or the class() function.

class - script and chart function ‒ Qlik Sense

IntervalMatch ‒ Qlik Sense

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