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Don't see "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense

I am not seeing  "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense. Is this something has to be enabled somehow?

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Re: Don't see "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense


Did you load data into your Qlik Sense application yet?

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Re: Don't see "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense

Yes, data is there and I am able to create some charts as well.2015-07-23_1141.png


Re: Don't see "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense

Hi Robert

  • What product are you using, Qlik Sense Desktop or Server? - I believe server.
  • If server, do yo know what your user role is?

This occurs when you attempt to create a sheet from an approved sheet, in other words you are in a stream, accessing an existing app that was already published and NOT in the MY WORK stream.

For example note in the screenshot below, I am creating a sheet from another app, I also don't have create new button. This is because this is an already published app in a stream. IN order to create measures and dimensions in the master items, you need to have access to the app in your own work stream before it is published.

let us know how you do.

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Mike Tarallo


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Re: Don't see "Create new" under "measure" in Qlik sense

You have to click on the master items tab and then on the actual box where it says the word measures and then you should see the "create new" button