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Drill down dimension set analysis

Hi all,

I have just started working with Qliksense and I am facing a challenge in implementing the following:

I have created a bar chart with the option of displaying - using a filter - the share of sales for countries A, B, C and D. I have also created a drill down dimension for countries to break down into their subregions e.g for A it would be A1, A2 and A3. I calculate the share of sales using set analysis: sum(sales)/ sum(Total sales) which gives me each time different market share depending on the selection of regions. My problem is that I want to break the %share of A into the subregions A1, A2 and A3 based on some fixed %  - let's say 30%, 30% and 40%.

More specifically if I have A, B and D selected with A having share of sales = 50%, when drilling down I want to be able to see A1=50%* 30% = 15%, A2=50%* 30% = 15% and A3=50%* 40% = 20%.

With the current set analysis when drilling down, I receive the orginal percentages i.e. 30%, 30% and 40%.

My table looks like this:

Region     Subregion     %     Sales

A               A1               30       500

A               A2               30       100

A               A3               40        200

B               B1               50       200

B               B2               50       300

C               C                100     400

D               D                100     400

Your help is much appreciated!!


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