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Drilling down to data after modifying calculation

Using QS Server in an Enterprise environment.  We have sheets deployed on Server.  I can only edit a sheet to review the calculations by duplicating and working within My Sheets.  The buttons in my sheets drill down to another sheet using a Variable which displays a list = count of the # the button is showing.  Ie, Sheet # 1 button shows a count of 10, you click it and go to the list sheet (Sheet #2) to see those 10 items.

The problem I have is that when I edit a calculation on Sheet 1 in My Sheets and then click the button, the Variable takes me to Sheet 2 in the Server sheet.  Then I don't see the result of the modified calculation, I see the original calculation from Server Sheet #1.

I need to get at the data from my modified calculation to test if the new logic is correct.  How do I get at the data w/o also changing the Variable?

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Re: Drilling down to data after modifying calculation


I think you need to duplicate sheet 2 as well, adjust it accordingly and then change the button on your copy of sheet 1 to navigate to your copy of sheet 2. Or perhaps create a copy of that button if you do not want to edit it.



Re: Drilling down to data after modifying calculation

Hi @patrickstokes, without some more detail I cant really help. Are those sheets are from same Qlik application? Or the button takes you to a second application?

By the sound of it, the button takes you to a predefined report with selection/filter applied. Hence the new changes you are making(what ever they may be)care not getting passed on during drill down. 

Can you share the app with no data perhaps, so we can understand the behaviour and help you debug?


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Re: Drilling down to data after modifying calculation

I agree, it would be easier to understand and troubleshoot the problem if you could post a small sample without any sensitive data.