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Dual and geopoint

Can you store a geographic coordinate as the numerical value in a Dual? I want to have a dimension with the airport name as the string value and the numerical value the coordinates, i.e.,

Dual(arrival_station_identifier, GeoMakePoint(arrival_station_lat, arrival_station_lon)) as arrival_station

This loads fine, but cannot be used in the map visualization. To work around it I now have to use two dimensions, one for location and one for name. Am I missing something?


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Re: Dual and geopoint

You can't use the dual function for that purpose afaik. The dual function is to add a display value to a numeric value so the value has two representations, a text representation and a numeric one.

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Re: Dual and geopoint

Thanks for the reply. That was what I was suspecting, I thought since you can add a display value to a date you could add a display value to a geopoint as well.

I guess I have to use the approch with two dimensions then.

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