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Duplicate error in Hub


I am root admin of the Qlik sense and I have all the other admin security rules. However, I cannot duplicate any apps in my work stream in hub while I am the owner of these apps.(an error occurred 'app' could not be duplicated).

Also, I have enough space on the Qlik sense server disk.

I have recently updated to version 'February 2019' and have not made any changes to any security rules.

Thanks for any help in advanced.

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Re: Duplicate error in Hub

Hi there

Check if you can do it in the QMC. I suspect that the root admin role is mainly focussed on QMC functionality. I recently wanted to do something like you're describing and had to create a new rule that applies to the Hub as well.



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Re: Duplicate error in Hub

It seems to be the new policies in Qlik. Thanks.