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New Contributor

Dynamic Change of Folder Path Connection in Standard Mode

Hi Team

We are in the process to migrate the Qlikview application into Qliksense. During the process we struggling in in "New Connection " present in the Load Script;

In Qlikivew , We are using Relative path to include the qvs,source file into the application using "Include" commend whereas in Qliksense we would like to use dynamic change of the folder path to include source file,qvs file into the Qliksense application using Standard Mode.


Note: we know how to use relative path in Qliksense using Legacy mode but we would like to do Standard mode to stimulate it


Thanks in Advance



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Valued Contributor

Re: Dynamic Change of Folder Path Connection in Standard Mode

We are managing dynamic folder paths by creating a generic data connection to the QVD repository, then changing the dynamic part of the path directly during the load script.

For ex, in our case BaseFolder contains the connection to the QVD repository, the rest is dynamic:

if ..... then

SET vSourceQvdPath='[lib://BaseFolder/3.DEV\Sales&Distribution\2.QVD\1.QVD.00\]';


SET vSourceQvdPath='[lib://BaseFolder/3.DEV\MaterialManagment\2.QVD\1.QVD.00\]';

end if


Then we user the variable during the qvd loads:

Load *

From $(vSourceQvdPath)MyQvd.qvd(qvd);