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Dynamic Reference Lines -- Gauge Extension

I'm having trouble with creating a dynamic reference line when changing filters.

What' i'm looking for is a reference line for last year's data.  Which will change during a presentation when selecting regions and sub offices.  We have mutliple years of data, but i'd like to compare it against 2014's ROI data for the company as a whole as well as regional and local office specific.

The Camp Yr is a column header where the data is YYYY value, one of which is 2014.

Below is what i concocted in the reference line expression.

(sum( {$<[Camp Yr] ={“2014”}>}([Gross Sales (Campaign)]) )


(sum( {$<[Camp Yr] ={“2014”}>}([Campaign Costs])))


(sum( {$<[Camp Yr]={“2014”}>}([Campaign Costs]))))

whereas the rest of the guage would look at the filtered data.

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