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Dynamic change of Pivot table Dimension/Measure


I have a filter which has A, B and C values. If I select A then this should change the dimension attribute/column to 'A' column (I have a column with name 'A'), similarly, if I change to B, B column should get affect in pivot table visualization.

Along with that, how do we dynamically add few measure columns in pivot table based on filter selection.

If you could provide a sample screenshots or QVFfile it would be more helpful for the analysis.

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Re: Dynamic change of Pivot table Dimension/Measure


You can't add or remove Dimensions and Measures in Sense dynamically, other than teaching your users to drag-and-drop Master Items from the library onto charts.

With a static number of Dimensions and Measures, you can make them dynamic using variables and $-sign extensions. Something like this:


vDim = only(Column)




Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Dynamic change of Pivot table Dimension/Measure

Expanding Oleg's answer:

If you would like to make labels for such dynamic columns dynamic too - take look at one possible solution: Emulating dynamic labels in Qlik Sense

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Re: Dynamic change of Pivot table Dimension/Measure

Hi Kishore,

Adding and removing of fields is only possible in the edit view. You can only restructure the pivot table in the view mode.



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