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Dynamic column using Input values in variables


Hi Team,

I want to create individual dynamic column after I select the field from the dropdown and initialize the Volume Distribution and Insert Percentage value.

-> Requirement is when user select the Field name suppose "Sum of Q4 Number", for that selected field only it should divide   by the value which is given by user in volume Distribution input box and insert percentage input box.

Please help

We have two expression for Measure Sum of Q4 Number and SSC Quantity Unit

Sum of Q4 Number:
if(#Sales_Office = 'dist.', sum([Sum of Q4 Number]),
If(#Sales_Office = 'NA38',sum([Sum of Q4 Number]),
If(#Sales_Office = 'NA40',sum([Sum of Q4 Number]),
If(Top20>vInput,0, (sum([Sum of Q4 Number])*#vPercent)/100 ))))))
Sum of SSC Quantity:
if(#GetCurrentSelections($Field)='Sum of SSC Quantity',
if(#Sales_Office = 'dist.', sum([Sum of SSC Quantity]),
If(#Sales_Office='NA38',sum([Sum of SSC Quantity]),
If(#Sales_Office='NA40',sum([Sum of SSC Quantity]),
If(Top20>vInput,0, (sum([Sum of SSC Quantity])*#vPercent)/100 )))))


Please help

 @Michael_Tarallo , @sunny_talwar 

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