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Dynamic field in Qlik Sense - how?


so I am new to Qlik and want to acheiev a thing that is pretty straight forward in Tableau, but that I just don't see how to achieve in Qlik Sense.

I want to present the viewer with a drop down list of x potential dimensions to use in the graph/table visualisation. So e.g. the viewer gets a dropdown listing Country, Gender, Agegroup. And when the user change this in the dropdown, the graph/table dynamically change and present the result using the new dimension. The calculation will not change it will still be e.g. sum of measure variable.

In Tableau I would achieve this by using a parameter in my visualisation and in a selector. But I can't find a similar approach in Qlik Sense.



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Re: Dynamic field in Qlik Sense - how?

You can create a table that has only one field which is not named the same as any other field in your application - let's say selectedDim. This field should have the values: Country, Gender and Agegroup.


Then you can use $-sign expansion to put any of these selected and non-assosicated values in as the name of a dimension.

For the dimension the expression could be:   =$(=MinString(selectedDim)) 

You can create a filter pane that you make rather small - then you get a drop-down. The user might multi-select so you will have to use MinString. If the users hold the CTRL key while selecting they will always do a single-select.

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Re: Dynamic field in Qlik Sense - how?

or you go the extension way :-)

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and use the variable as dimension value

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Re: Dynamic field in Qlik Sense - how?

A more detail of Mikael's solution is here: Cycle dimensions using a variable button or dropdown

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