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Dynamic way to change the view from one dimension value to other and vice versa

Hi Team,

I have a requirement something similar like below:

I have a dashboard displays data where all my calculations are referring to VersionID = 1 which is 'Actual'

Version dimension table will looks like this:

VersionID     Version Name

1                    Actual

2                    Budget

3                    Flash

Now i have a requirement to change all calculations in my dashboard to display data based on the Filter selection on VerionID, where i need to give user flexibility to select based on his requirement.

I know i can achieve this using replacing VersionID values with Variables, but not sure how to write the calculation for this particular variable.

It will be nice if you can help with the example.

Please help on this asap.

1 Reply

If I understand your question you can use Set Analysis to calculate your measures differently based on Actual vs Budget, etc.  You could also possibly do something in your load script if you don't have too many calculations.

I would really need more information on what you are trying to do in addition to what you said above to give you a more specific answer.