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Dynamically Loading data in qlik sense

Hello Everyone

Can someone help me on loading the data dynamically in qlik-sense without clicking the load button option ?

for example : qlik sense reading data from abc.xlsx

how would it read the changes automatically if any done in this file ??

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Re: Dynamically Loading data in qlik sense

Hi Deepthi,

You can directly drag and drop your files in Qliksense hub, Once your file is uploaded in the hub and you have saved and reloaded it, all the changes which are made to the files afterwards keeping the structure of the file intact will reflect in your Qliksense on reload..

Thanks & Regards,


Re: Dynamically Loading data in qlik sense

You would need to create a piece of software that keeps track of that excel file and monitors changes to it. That piece of software would then need to call the Qlik Sense Repository API to reload the document.

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