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ERROR [HYC00][Qlik][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]


I have a table in Oracle that uses the column data type INTERVAL DAY(5) TO SECOND(0). The data of this type looks like this:

+00 02:08:00.000000

While trying to load the table with data in QlikSense I get the following message

ERROR [HYC00][Qlik][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver] Optional feature not implemented

Any clues on how to fix this?

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Re: ERROR [HYC00][Qlik][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver]

When selecting data with the Connect for ODBC Oracle Wire protocol driver from a table that contains N types like NCHAR, NVARCHAR2 and NCLOB, Qlik will return this error.


In the ODBC data source, set Enable N-CHAR Support (EnableNcharSupport) to 1.



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