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Editing a Connection in Data Manager

Hi,  I have an ODBC connection created in my App. I am using Data Manager (i.e. not the Data Load Editor) in Qlik Sense Desktop. I need to change a configuration setting for that connection (as it no longer works, something has changed at the source end), but I cannot seem to find a way to edit that connection. In Data Load Editor, the edit button is greyed out with a lock icon ('Locked to Read Only'). In Data Manager,I  can't see a button/menu to edit connection.


Message was edited by: Remi Guillemette I have just had a similar problem with a Saleforce Connection, but for that one, it did let me edit the connection in Data Loader mode (even though I am using Data Manager, i.e. autogenerated load script). Maybe I will try avoiding ODBC; I just found out I can use OLE DB to connect to SQL database instead, and it is direct (i.e. no need to setup ODBC in windows operating sytem),

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Re: Editing a Connection in Data Manager

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Re: Editing a Connection in Data Manager

Check whether you have update rights for data connection.

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Re: Editing a Connection in Data Manager

You only need to tell Sense what existing ODBC you need to connect.

If you want to edit the ODBC, you need to configure it in "ODBC Data Source Administration"