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Enforcing data type during data load script

Hello! Qlik newbie here...

I've created a data load script that imports a KML then joins it to a CSV to create an attribute table. I noticed that in Qlik Sense Desktop, it automatically sets fields as "Geodata" but I'd rather it not do that. I'd rather all fields be loaded as the "General" data type. Because of what I am attempting to do, it appears that each time I load data, the field data types reset to "Geodata" even after I manually change the fields in the Data Manager to "General".

How can I add the "General" type to each field in the load script to ensure it will enforce that data type upon loading?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Below is a subset from the data load script:

//Loading KML and CSV pair for admin 3 and join as one table
//Qualify and Unqualify are used for loading and joining each pair so that they only join on one field (avoiding syth keys and
//keeping each admin level as a separate table)
Unqualify "#adm3+code+v_pcode", "#adm3+i_fr+name";
    "COD_$(vCountryCode)_Admin3.Name" as "#adm3+code+v_pcode",
FROM [$(vAdmin3KML)]
(kml, Table is [COD_$(vCountryCode)_Admin3]);


FROM [$(vAdmin3CSV)]
(txt, utf8, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq);


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Try turning the Data Profiling off in the Data Manager.

Instead of hitting Add Data green button, click the dots on the left and disable the Data Profiling before hitting the Add data button.  If the data is already loaded, you can get here by editing the table in data manager and edit the table (pencil icon) and then Select data from source.

This should not try to profile the geographic data.


Thank you for the response, Lisa. I was hoping for a way to add that to a load script instead of having to manually change the type within Data manager. Based on other posts, it appears that including data profiling for fields in a script is not (yet?) possible.