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Engine API - applyPatches not working

Dear community members!

I am new to Qlik Sense and try to implement a small extension in Qlik Sense Desktop. The task of this extension is to change the title of an object (e.g. test-Image field) when a button is clicked.

The relevant code in my .js file looks like this:

var msg_applyPatches_textfield = {

       "handle": 2,

       "method": "ApplyPatches",

       "params": {

        "qPatches": [


          "qPath": "/title",

          "qOp": "replace",

          "qValue": "\"Test THREE\""



        "qSoftPatch": false




The JSON code from msg_applyPatches_textfield works fine in the Engine API Explorer but when I use this code in Qlik Sense Desktop i receive the following response in the DevConsole:


Strangely, the id is always 0 whereat it increments in the Engine API Explorer.

Exactly the same happens when I try to use the setProperties operation.

Thank you all

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