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Entire calculate column greater than- Set analysis

Hi All,


I create measure (its work fine) that check if the calc in the range of 0-25 %:


count(Aggr(if(Avg(Aggr(count(distinct if(Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE))='CLICKED',ISSUE_ID))
count(distinct if(Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE))='DELIVERED',ISSUE_ID)),ID))>=0 and
Avg(Aggr(count(distinct if(Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE))='CLICKED',ISSUE_ID))
count(distinct if(Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE))='DELIVERED',ISSUE_ID)),ID))<0.25,1),ID))

Due to performance issue , I want to change the calc to set analysis but I don't know how we can check the range..


Could you please advise?


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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi RutiTaumanRubin,

What would greatly help, performance-wise, would be to create a new field in the loading script.
Something like : " Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE)) AS UpTrimActionType "

Then you can replace all your " count(distinct if(Upper(Trim(ACTION_TYPE))='DELIVERED',ISSUE_ID) "
 by count( distinct {< UpTrimActionType = {'DELIVERED'} >} ISSUE_ID)

And your measure will gain a lot in readability!