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Error Running the Repository.exe command

Hi All,

I am doing the migration of Qlik Sense November 2017 from one server to other with different host name.

I restored the database and every files .

But NOw when I am starting Repository service it, do not starts,

As the Hos name i s different , from Qlik's Help,we have to run "repository.exe -bootstrap -standalone -restorehostname" command,

but it also fails with error as


Also I have attached the log .

Kindly help me out in resolving the issue

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Re: Error Running the Repository.exe command

Hi Nitin,

I am also trying to achieve the same thing. Take backup from a server and restore it to another server. So could you please tell me the restore procedure you did? dropped and restored repository? and after that configured file share? Could you please help?


Re: Error Running the Repository.exe command

Im facing the same issue, did you find the solution for this issue.

please let us know.





Re: Error Running the Repository.exe command

Hi all,

this is most likely caused by an incorrect ownership of the _locktable (and possibly few other ones). Following are steps on how to address this:

1. Execute the following query in order to find all the affected tables. Should you have other user than qliksenserepository please adopt the query accordingly. To find that out you can in example use the QlikSenseUtil.exe tool located in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil\. Use Connection String Editor tab, click on Read and check for "User ID" on "QSR" database.

select 'alter table "'|| tablename || '" owner to qliksenserepository;'
from pg_tables
where schemaname='public'
and tableowner!='qliksenserepository';

2. Copy the outcome, remove the surrounding double quotes, in example:


"alter table "_locktable" owner to qliksenserepository;"


alter table "_locktable" owner to qliksenserepository;

3. Execute the modified outcome.

4. Start Qlik Sense Repository Service.

Good luck!

Best Regards,

Arkadiusz Misiewicz