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Error to install Qlik Sense

I get error when I try to install Qlik Sense?

I use Windows 7 64 bits.


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Re: Error to install Qlik Sense

Hello Enrique - Can you please specify which version of Qlik you are installing and what's the error message?

I am assuming you are using Qlik Sense.



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Re: Error to install Qlik Sense

Error: Cannot installed. View logs.

Qlik Sense Destkop in windows 8.1. I run as administrator.



[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:42]i000: Starting execution of SenseDesktop

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:42]i000: 337 In method: OnExecutePackageBegin ended.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:42]i301: Applying execute package: SenseDesktop, action: Install, path: C:\Users\eprados\AppData\Local\Package Cache\{07CBDB89-30DE-4B36-BB42-69937032904C}v11.24.1\SenseDesktop.msi, arguments: ' ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" MSIFASTINSTALL="7" QCOMPUTERNAME="" BURN="1" MODIFY="0" DESKTOPSHORTCUT="1" FAIL="" MSIINSTALLPERUSER="1" ALLUSERS="2" STORAGEPATH="C:\Users\eprados\Documents\\Qlik" INSTALLDIR="C:\Users\eprados\AppData\Local\\Programs\Qlik\Sense" CUSTOMPATH=""'

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:53]i000: In Update Progress: 5

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:54]i000: In Update Progress: 6

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:55]i000: In Update Progress: 7

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:55]i000: In Update Progress: 8

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:56]i000: In Update Progress: 9

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:57]i000: In Update Progress: 10

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:58]i000: In Update Progress: 11

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:59]i000: In Update Progress: 12

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:02:59]i000: In Update Progress: 13

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:00]i000: In Update Progress: 14

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:01]i000: In Update Progress: 15

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:02]i000: In Update Progress: 16

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:03]i000: In Update Progress: 17

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:04]i000: In Update Progress: 18

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:04]i000: In Update Progress: 19

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:05]i000: In Update Progress: 20

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:06]i000: In Update Progress: 21

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:07]i000: In Update Progress: 22

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:08]i000: In Update Progress: 23

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:09]i000: In Update Progress: 24

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:10]i000: In Update Progress: 25

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:11]i000: In Update Progress: 26

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:23]i000: In Update Progress: 27

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:33]i000: In Update Progress: 28

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:45]i000: In Update Progress: 29

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:03:58]i000: In Update Progress: 30

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:04:09]i000: In Update Progress: 31

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:04:31]i000: In Update Progress: 32

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:11:19]i000: In Update Progress: 33

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to install MSI package.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to configure per-user MSI package.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: Detected failing msi: SenseDesktop

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: 599 In method: OnExecutePackageComplete ended.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i319: Applied execute package: SenseDesktop, result: 0x80070643, restart: None

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]e000: Error 0x80070643: Failed to execute MSI package.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: 642 In method: OnExecutePackageBegin was started.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: ProgressTypeInstallation

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: Starting rollback execution of SenseDesktop

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: 642 In method: OnExecutePackageBegin ended.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i318: Skipped rollback of package: SenseDesktop, action: Uninstall, already: Absent

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i000: 643 In method: OnProgress ended.

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i319: Applied rollback package: SenseDesktop, result: 0x0, restart: None

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i329: Removed package dependency provider: {07CBDB89-30DE-4B36-BB42-69937032904C}, package: SenseDesktop

[2D38:2B4C][2018-01-17T12:16:26]i351: Removing cached package: SenseDesktop, from path: C:\Users\eprados\AppData\Local\Package Cache\{07CBDB89-30DE-4B36-BB42-69937032904C}v11.24.1\


Re: Error to install Qlik Sense

Dear Enrique,

Take a look if the package used is correct with the operational system if you are using Qlikview.

Both products are compatible with Windows 7 (x64).

So, share the error message too.

Ricardo Gerhard
OEM Solution Architect
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Error to install Qlik Sense

So, what's the error? etc...


Esteemed Contributor

Re: Error to install Qlik Sense


check that you have the required version of .Net Framework installed 4.5.2 OR higher

Best regards


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