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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Error with Sum function

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I want to calculate the sum of  "Actual Weighted Score" by Year, name but as I'm using the sum function it's giving me Sum of all "Actual Weighted Score" Value which is related to that year and name.

for Ex::- (Year-2012 and Name-Abhijit Gargate)

Sum("Actual Weighted Score") giving me 7.5+7.5+7.5+7.5+7.5+1.5+0 and so on equal to 166.75

But I want it as 7.5+1.5+0 and so on .

I don't want to sum for all value with same QuestionGroup(Which is 3rd column)

Sum("Actual Weighted Score") as "Total Of Actual Weighted Score"
Resident Calc
Group By Year,Name;

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

As long as there is only one value for the weighted score for each QuestionGroup, then this should do the trick:

=Sum(Aggr(Only([Actual Weighted Score]), QuestionGroup))

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Maybe Sum(DISTINCT [Actual Weighted Score]) will solve your issue?