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Exclude Certain Data

This is really simple for all of you Pro's out there.

In my excel file, that has been uploaded into Qlik, each row is labeled either "Include" and "Exclude."

In Qlik, how do I exclude the rows that are labeled "Exclude" from being calculated in my dashboard.  Can I use a filter....or do I have to write an equation? 

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Re: Exclude Certain Data

It depends on what you need to do.

Both are possible and correct.

Filters: Qlikview Statistics, Search, Current Selection Objects | Associative search in List Box # Part 6 - Y...

Set analysis(equation): QlikView Tutorial | QlikView Set Analysis | QlikView Filter Types and Set Operators - YouTube

Please provide sample data and description of the need, might be more helpfull.

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Re: Exclude Certain Data

do you need the rows = 'exclude' in the application? Because you could just exclude them in your script.



FROM excel_file

where not match(label_name,'Exclude');