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Exclude icon from min max chart

Hello everyone,

I have a combo chart 

min max.png

And for this one i put min value and max values but i wanted to get rid of the icon and zero values ? Especially those grey icon.

Anyone know how to delete those ?

Thanks a million


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Creator II
Creator II

If you go into Add-ons : Data handling in the properties panel on the chart and turn off "Include zero values", it will get rid of the arrows and the zeros in the chart in this case. 


I have unchecked the "include zero values" box but it  hasn't changed anything.

Basically :

My combo chart has:

1 dimension which is month ('01','02'.....'12))

I have 3 measures.

KPI 1: SUM(KPI) : BAR CHART: where data values only are available on Month = 01 & Month = 2

KPI 2 & KPI3  SUM(KPI): The two line charts where values are available from month 01 to month 12.


Do you know how i can do that ?




Anyone has a solution or this problem ever occured to any of you ?