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Executive Dashboard Apps

I just purchased the book "Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide". As I was going through the sample apps, "Executive Dashboard", the apps that came with Qlik Sense Desktop does not match what was talked about in the book. A couple sheets are missing.

Does anyone have an old version of the "Executive Dashboard" apps that matches the book that you can share?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Executive Dashboard Apps

I think you should ask the publisher of that book. The publisher usually has all the files that are to be used with the book.

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Re: Executive Dashboard Apps

Thanks Gysbert for the suggestion. I have hopped through this chapter already.

The book points to http://sense-demo.qlik.com, but it has the new version also. Other example isn't there at all which is disappointing.

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Re: Executive Dashboard Apps

Best buy another book!


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Re: Executive Dashboard Apps

Hi Van,

Check the version of the book? It might be talking about the previous versions.

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