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Export Data Behind Visualisations


I'm trying to replace some functionality that we used to have on SSRS with Qlik apps in my company. It's common for stakeholders around the business to want to be able to access raw data behind performance visualisations in order to investigate root causes etc.

In SSRS, we used drill-throughs to enable individuals to click on, say, the bar for January's data in a trailing 12 month bar chart and it would take them through to all of the entries for January with some additional data columns which they could then export to excel.

In Qliksense though, I've found the right-click 'view data' option only summaries the information in the graph ie. 1 row for January with a summary cell containing the total volume rather than an individual row for all the items in January. I've found that you can add a table component into the sheet which does the job however, it's annoying to have to sacrifice screen real estate for it on every sheet.

I guess what I'm looking for is to be able to customise what is shown on the right-click 'view data' option but doesn't look like that's possible. Are there any solutions to this problem?

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Re: Export Data Behind Visualisations

If you have NPrinting, the On-Demand report may solve this problem.