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Export Data of whole sheet

hi there;

I need to export data on dashboard (there are a combination of bar chart and line chart, etc) to a jpeg file or a pdf file, how do I manage to export the whole sheet as an A4 page? I know how to do it chart by chart, but I just need the whole sheet of dashboard?

Can anyone please help?


Jeff Lee

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Re: Export Data of whole sheet


you can try below ways,

Method 1: export combination of chart using storytelling

can you snap shot each chart object and then add into storytelling. from there u can download as pdf,ppt etc.

Exporting a story ‒ Qlik Sense

Method 2: using nprinting

(you have buy license for this and using this method u can automated distribute report via email/shared folder etc)


Method 3:

you can write your own export extension using HTML5/Angular javascript method (FYI: macro not supported in qliksense )

Method 4:

try to find if there any extension available in Qlik Branch

Qlik Branch