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Export To Excel - Qlik Sense

Hi Everyone,

I have a table which has multiple dimension and no measure added. One of these dimension is in number format (Say Column-N). Upon exporting to excel this particular column displays in improper format as 123456+E and so on.

However, i am aware of the fact that upon adding it to measure, it shall solve the issue but the problem is if we add Column-N to measure then irrespective of the order in table, it shifts to last column. I want it to be in particular order so as to make sense for analysis.

Kindly suggest how can i achieve this.


Partha K

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Re: Export To Excel - Qlik Sense

Maybe use below in your script as Incremental load?


num#(YourDimension,'#######') as YourNewDimension;



And use YourNewDimension in front end as dimension to show?

I'm not sure about my statement but Num() in script should solve your issue or check the Number formatting in properties for your chart,

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Re: Export To Excel - Qlik Sense

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