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Export an excel file with a predefined name (Name of the report + today date)

Hi everyone,

I have a table on Qlik Sense and I would like to export it on an excel file. The name of the excel file should be "Name of the table + today's date". (the today's date should be updated every day).

For istance, if I export the table on July 12th 2018, the name of the Excel file should be "Name of the table 20180712", while if i export the table on July 20th 2018, it should be "Name of the table 20180720".

Do you have any idea how to do it? Is it possible to do it with a formula in the table?

I'm new to Qlik sense and I don't have much expertise of the platform.

Thank you very much.

Hope you can give me helpful insights

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You want the data on a daily basis? You can create any name you imagine saving table to csv on a script level.