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Export as .txt in Qliksense

I have a short question. How can I export to .txt or any other notepad format in Qliksense. Everytime I export it does this directly to XLS and I usually have results more than 2 million rows hence it is truncated. Don¨t ask why I need millions of rows in my results. I am working in a finance Project and details is important. The source files have more than 15 million rows.



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Re: Export as .txt in Qliksense

If you need so much data, I doubt exporting from a sheet is the way to go.

Since you are talking about a "finance export", that will likely always been the same conditions. In that case you can probably better ask your developer to create a CSV during script execution (by using a STORE and telling Qlik to make it a txt instead of a qvd).

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Re: Export as .txt in Qliksense

Vizlib Table (http://www.vizlib.com/) offers a couple of interesting exporting options, including the ability to export dynamic labels.

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Re: Export as .txt in Qliksense

Thanks so much for the prompt response. The problem is i need to manipulate the data dynamically. These are many rows. Doing the calculations in Script is cumbersome and unreliable since there is no way to cross check the result. Another issue is, sometimes I am using numerous filters to arrive at results and these will not be easy to implement in script.