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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Export sheet to PDF - Not available in Sense Server

I have a client that is on Sense Server 2.0 but can’t see the Export sheet to PDF option. Is this functionality available in Server or is it just in the desktop version? If it is available what do I need to do to make it available to the users?




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Master II
Master II

‌i think we need to check an option in QMC


There is likely a security rule in place which is preventing this. In my environment, I am able to replicate the display in your screenshot by disabling the ExportAppData default security rule. The easiest way to see where the problem may lie is to go in the QMC > Audit and then audit the user or the application to see which security rule is messing things up. I find it easiest to use the list display type, like so:


Contributor II
Contributor II

Saw this thread on the issue I am having. We are on the Qlik Sense Server Edition here, edition 2.0.2.

I can right click on a chart and select EXPORT TO PDF. I set it up and click OK, but Qlik Sense is attempting to create a PDF that never finishes loading. The little grey circle continues to spin - I have had this happen each attempt, and waited for several minutes at a time.

Is this fixed in an updated version?